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Emalee. 21. Lover of cooking, baking, coffee/tea, classic movies, fall/spring, and of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland and Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice. Ally, Believer, and Student of Gender Equality Rights, LGBT-related Rights, Queer Theory, and Feminist Theories. Writer of poetry when time permits.
Always longing for a love that's everlasting and a life to die happy from.


In the middle of my English 9 class, as I’m at the board writing, I hear the sound of a camera shutter. I quickly turn and see one of my students with her iPhone out and she is blushing. Her friends are in hysterics that she was caught.

Me: “Okay. Show me.”

She is red in the face and madly…



Grade 10 Student:  “Sir, you have any snacks in the back room?”

Me:  “I have granola bars, power bars and cereal.  You hungry?”

Him:  “You have any chips?”

Me:  “No.”

Him:  “Why don’t you have chips?”

Me:  “I try to stock up on healthier snack options.  You should try to avoid chips.”

Him:  “Sir, I’m fifteen.  I’ll burn off any junk I put in my body.  It’s not like I’m your age.”

Me:  “You have a weird way of asking for free food.”


After class, one of my English 8 students stays behind to chat privately with me.

Her: “Sir, why can’t we go on the field trip? It’s not fair.”

Me: “Only half the class got their forms and deposits in on time. I’m truly sorry.”

Her: “Then can those of us who handed in forms go?”

Me: “I need…

Guess who woke up to her baby’s texts after almost a week of radio silence!!

20~25 mins but it was worth it. I still don’t know what he does all day or where he is but at least I know he thinks about me throughout the day.